Responder FAQs

I am unable to access the Responder URL via my MDT, how can I fix this?

Please try to access the URL via your mobile device. If you are able to access the URL via your mobile phone, there might be an issue with your MDT or your MDT’s connection to the internet. If you aren’t able to access the URL via your mobile phone, please contact Relay’s Support team for further assistance.

Does Relay have a mobile app for officers?

At this time, Relay only offers the responder module via the web URL. As the platform continues to progress a mobile or desktop version may arise.

How do I change or update my password?

To change or update your password for Relay, navigate to the ‘Account’ button in the upper right hand corner of the module. Once on the ‘Account’ page you will be able to update your password.

How do I reset my password if I can’t log in?

To reset your password, go to and click the ‘Forgot Password’ button. An email will be sent to your email address.

Does Relay replace dispatch?

Relay is for non-emergency incidents and does not replace the need for dispatch. Relay allows citizens and officers to communicate directly for non-emergency incidents.

Will all of my calls for service show up on Relay?

No, only incidents submitted by citizens through the Relay app will appear on the Relay interface. All emergency calls and incidents called in through the non-emergency line or directly through dispatch will appear in your CAD.

How does the platform verify the citizen submitting is from my community?

The short answer is that it doesn’t Relay is a community engagement platform that is available nationwide and does not require a user to be a citizen of the local community. This allows for visitors of your community to submit directly to the local police department. Likewise, this allows residents of your community to submit incidents to local police departments as they travel throughout the United States.

Are the incidents in the responder queue prioritized in order of importance?

Currently they are in order of submission and are not prioritized by order of importance.

Am I required to fill out the additional description section when resolving a citizen’s incident?

The additional information section is encouraged but not required. Keep in mind this platform encourages community engagement so the morning information shared with citizens, the more engaged they will be with your agency.

If I close a call out in my CAD, will it automatically close out the incident in Relay?

Regardless of if Relay is integrated with your agency’s CAD or not, closing a call in your CAD will not close an incident in Relay. You will want to ensure that call is close in both systems.

Am I doing double work by having to close out incidents in both Relay and my CAD?

No, you are not. Criminal Justice information should not be shared within Relay but should be documented within you CAD. Although you are needing to close out 1 call in both systems, the information you are documenting in each are drastically different.

Does Relay auto-select who will get the next call?

No, with officer’s availability to take non-emergency calls being variable, the system is an open queue and officers are able to claim incidents as they become available.

Does the platform allow citizens to see the location of my officers?

Officer safety is of the utmost importance to Relay and thus we do not show the location of any officer to citizens.

If I use Relay on my phone, is my phone now court discoverable?

No, it will not be. Relay does not store anything on your local device (ie your phone) and instead stores all information in the cloud. Law Enforcement officials would be able to access the information stored within Relay for any court discovery requests.

How do I report someone who is abusing the app by submitting fraudulent reports?

While fraudulent reporting is unlikely, we understand there is that potential and those reports take officers away from solving real crime. In the event this happens, report the individual to Relay’s support team at

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