Congratulations on joining the Relay team! The Relay Responder platform is easy to use: you can be up and running, communicating with your first Citizen in minutes. Follow the steps outlined in the pages of this guide to get started.

Getting In

  1. Open Relay in a browser

Navigate to in any web browser. Natively the system is more heavily tested in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox but any modern browser will work. The website is accessible from any Mobile Data Terminal, smartphone or tablet.

  1. Log in

Check your email for a notice from Relay which prompts you to set your password and log in. If you need not receive this email, click the forgot password button on the sign in page and you will be emailed a link to reset your password.

Using Relay Responder

  1. Review calls in queue

Citizens within your community will have the ability to submit non-emergency calls to Officers directly through the Relay app. Officers will be able to view, claim and respond to these calls directly through the Responder module. If you have sound on your device, Relay Responder will alert you to new calls that come in by making a noise, even if it’s in the background.

    2. Claim a call - Respond

Calls will appear on the left-hand side of your screen and will queue up until they are claim. Calls will not auto-assign to anyone. Click the view button on the call and the details about the call will pop up. To claim the call, click ‘Respond’ and you will be marked as the responding Officer. This call will move down to the “claimed” section of the queue.

    3. Clear a call - Resolve

Once you have responded to a call, you can close out the call in Relay by clicking the ‘Resolve’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the call details. 

You will be prompted to enter in more information about the call such as disposition or clear code and a description. Remember, the Citizen who reported in will be able to see all of this information.

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