We always ask your permission to share your information with law enforcement. Data is stored securely by Relay, and is NEVER sold or shared with outside companies.

Relay is private.

One of our core pillars is in respecting privacy. Relay is built by people who have covers over our laptop cameras, use VPNs, and have what we like to call a "healthy" amount of paranoia.

Since we're users, too, we agonize over balancing the usefulness of information that's shown to other Relay users, while ensuring that people can trust us with the responsibility of being stewards of their privacy.

To us, privacy means that:

  • We only collect essential information, at the time that we need it. This may mean that sometimes law enforcement wants information that we simply don't have, and we believe that's not only okay, but the right thing to do.
  • We make clear what's being shared at the time you share it, and let you explicitly opt in or out of sharing that information with law enforcement.
  • We go to extra lengths to ensure we're not exposing information intended only for law enforcement to your neighbors or beyond.

Because privacy is so important to us, we also lean away from elements that some might consider similar to a social network. We believe adding social elements like comments or being able to alert your neighbors not only risks the spread of misinformation, but could expose specifics about a crime that could be sensitive until the case is closed.

Is my information shared with first responders?

All reports are shared directly with local officers in your area. If you choose to provide them, your name, email and phone number are shared. This information is shared with officers in case they have additional questions about what you have submitted, and to also notify you of the resolution.

Does Relay know my location?

Relay does not track your location. We may prompt you to use your phone's location at the time you make a report to make reporting easy, but we do not share this with law enforcement.

Any location you save with Relay is static and not explicitly tied to your phone's ongoing location. By design, you can also use our service without ever giving us access to your location.

We're always down to talk privacy. If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can do better, reach out at hello@relayapp.com.